Elder Law and Medicaid Planning

A person with elderly parents is often “sandwiched” between caring for younger children, and making sure their parents remain active and healthy.  The balance is precarious, and people often wait until an emergency crops up to consult an elder law attorney.  While we can certainly assist you at that point in time, it’s best to address elder law needs before any issues present themselves — that way, you’re always one step ahead.


Common Legal Concerns for the Elderly

At Maselli Warren, our elder law attorneys work diligently to serve the needs of seniors in our community, such as:

  • Ensuring sufficient income to meet expenses.
  • Maintaining proper estate planning documents.
  • Paying for medical care.

In addition to these basic needs, the question of housing is always a major concern for the elderly and their children.  Understandably, seniors usually prefer to remain in their home to receive care, rather than moving to a long-term care facility or nursing home.  The elder law and Medicaid planning attorneys at Maselli Warren, P.C. can address all of those concerns.  Not only can our attorneys assist adult children and their elderly parents with review of important financial documents, we can even help to create them.

For over 25 years, Maselli Warren has helped the elderly to plan, create, revise, and enforce trusts, living wills, Power of Attorney, Last Will and Testaments, and other healthcare and financial directives to ensure that medical care is administered, and assets distributed, in accordance with the client’s wishes.  Maselli Warren can also assist with matters of asset management, property inheritance, and guardianship provisions.


Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse

In addition to the financial concerns that the elderly and their children so often need to address, the matter of nursing home abuse is another important dimension of legal rights of the elderly community in New Jersey.  Unfortunately, as the elderly population booms and the amount of available facilities and facility staff members struggles to keep pace, incidents of nursing home negligence and abuse seem to be on the rise.  Common signs of nursing home negligence or abuse include:

  • bruises, breaks, and fractures resulting from falls
  • bedsores
  • weight loss resulting from lack of proper nutrition
  • dehydration
  • lack or misapplication of medication

If a loved one has faced abuse or negligence at the hands of a nursing home or other care facility for the elderly, you don’t have to suffer with the consequences in silence.  The Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 requires nursing homes in New Jersey and beyond to provide quality mental and physical care under federal law.  Nursing homes which violate those duties to care for the elderly can be subject to harsh penalties.


The attorneys at Maselli Warren, P.C. have extensive experience with the Board of Social Services (County Welfare Agencies) in most counties in New Jersey, particularly in Mercer and Burlington Counties. We know how to plan for unforeseen expenses and can help seniors secure their future, in their own home, so they can “age in place” gracefully and comfortably. To speak with an attorney about elder law and Medicaid planning, call the law offices of Maselli Warren at (800) 891-2657, or contact us online to arrange for a consultation.