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Four of the Strangest Reasons Cited in Divorce Proceedings

People change, and couples drift apart.  It’s unfortunate, but sometimes it happens.  When it does, there isn’t necessarily a person or an action at fault — it’s just part of life.  When a couple wishes to divorce without pointing to a specific cause, it’s called “no-fault divorce.”  In other words: irreconcilable differences.  Of course, only a portion of all divorces are no-fault, leaving the remainder classified as fault-based divorces.  Fault-based divorces can be driven by adultery, imprisonment, drug abuse… or by other, much stranger causes.  In this blog post, our family law attorneys take a look at some of the world’s strangest stories of reasons that were cited in a divorce.

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What’s Next for Detroit’s Bankruptcy?

As we recently wrote about, Judge Steven Rhodes stunned the nation last week by making the unprecedented decision to approve the city of Detroit for a Chapter 9 bankruptcy.  While no one was exactly surprised that Detroit was in financial dire straits, the request of an entire city to take economic refuge in bankruptcy — and the controversial granting of that request — came as a shock to many.  And for a specific segment of Detroit’s population — those who rely on pension money as their financial life-line — that decision was not only shocking, it was devastating.  Now, both sides of the ongoing bankruptcy debate are grappling to see who comes out on top, and ultimately, what the shape of Detroit’s financial future will be.

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