Hamilton, New Jersey Commercial Litigation Lawyers

While businesses and parties always hope that compromise can be reached prior to resorting to litigation, sometimes an agreement cannot be reached.  In circumstances like these litigating may be your only means of protecting your business’ rights and thus, its bottom-line. At Maselli Warren, P.C. we provide experienced and efficient representation in a broad-array of employment law and business litigation fields.

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Experienced Representation for Contractual Disputes between Businesses

While parties make their best efforts to resolve open questions and clarify terms of the contract before agreement, disputes are not uncommon. In fact, in some instances the dispute arises not because of any fault by the parties but because underlying conditions have unexpectedly changed. For instance, instability caused by political or social unrest may make the import or export of certain good difficult or impracticable or impossible. If you have entered into a contract impacted by events such as these, legal representation can protect your interests by securing compensation for the breach of contract. Other common grounds for contractual disputes include:

  • delivery issues
  • timeliness
  • UCC warranty concerns
  • integration clause disputes
  • choice of law clause disputes
  • quality of goods issues
  • oral contracts
  • parol evidence rule problems

Our experienced attorneys can answer your questions and provide solutions regarding these concerns and more.

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We Can Handle All of Your Commercial Litigation Needs New Jersey

The legal needs of a business in New Jersey are extremely varied. While one day a contractual dispute may be in the forefront, the next completely different legal concerns may emerge. Therefore it is essential that your company develops a relationship with a law firm that handles a broad-array of legal concerns such as:

  • Non-compete agreements – A non-compete agreement is a contract that an employer may ask an employee to sign. In some cases the agreement may be signed prior to beginning employment as a condition of employment. In other instances the agreement may be proffered at some point during the course of employment. In either case, the agreement limits what an employee can do should this professional relationship be terminated including limiting the type of employment the employee can accept in the future. Generally speaking a non-compete agreement is more likely to be upheld if the duration, geographic scope and other restrictions are reasonable.
  • Insurance defense claims – We handle insurance defense matters regarding coverage issues, third-party claims, bad faith and liability issues. We are sensitive to the need for efficient legal services and strive to provide value to our clients.
  • Employment discrimination claims – We defend employment claims including discrimination claims. Our attorneys recognize that even the allegation of discrimination due to race, sex or other grounds can be devastating to a business. Our experienced employment law attorneys strategically defend your business and its good name against these claims.
  • Sexual harassment claims – When a professional relationship sours, an employee may perceive that he or she is being attacked or unfairly targeted by his or her employer. We work to get to the bottom of allegations of this type while vigorously defending your business.
  • Daily legal needs – Whether you are a one person operation on the way up, a mid-sized company, or a large business you need dependable legal counsel. We work with business of all sizes, across numerous industries to provide routine legal guidance.

Our attorneys can provide the legal guidance your Hamilton, New Jersey business requires. We can perform legal due diligence for an upcoming endeavor or handle your pressing legal dispute.

Put our commercial litigation experience to work for you

With more than 30 years of combined experience, you can rely on the attorneys of Maselli & Warren, P.C. to provide dependable legal advice. We pride ourselves on refining our process and providing our clients value for their legal expenditures. If you are seeking legal counsel for your company contact us online or by phone at (800) 891-2657.