I Am Being Sued in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

When your out-of-state company finds itself the target of a lawsuit in Pennsylvania, you may wonder how this came about. After all, you run your company in an ethically-sound and legal manner. But perhaps somewhere in the back of your mind, you wonder if Pennsylvania has unique or particularly stringent legal requirements.

Establishing a working relationship with an experienced and dependable Pennsylvania attorney can reduce your anxiety and worries about your business. Their guidance can help you structure your business in a way that prevents expensive legal disputes. Further, having the relationship established can eliminate the anxiety and guesswork of wondering who in your organization is qualified to testify in court. Finally, it can answer the practical matter of who is going to be in Pennsylvania for representation at court appearances.

With more than 30 years of combined experience, the attorneys of Maselli Warren, P.C. can offer experienced legal representation to your company. We work with you to protect your business and its bottom-line by providing high-quality and efficient legal services.

Does Pennsylvania Have Jurisdiction to Hear your Matter?

One of our first considerations when an out-of-state business defendant is served with a Pennsylvania  summons is whether the court has jurisdiction to hear this matter.  For a court to have appropriate jurisdiction it must have the ability to hear the type of dispute and have personal jurisdiction over the defendants.

Pennsylvania’s long arm statute, enumerates a number of acts or circumstance under which out-of-state defendants are subjected to personal jurisdiction by Pennsylvania courts. These circumstances include:

  • Multiple or single business deals in Pennsylvania for monetary gain.
  • Shipping merchandise into the state directly or through a third-party.
  • Owning real property located in Pennsylvania.
  • When contracting to provide a service in Pennsylvania.
  • Agreeing to provide insurance for any property, person or other insurable risk in the state
  • Accepting a legal appointment as  a trustee, guardian of a child, executor of an estate, or a directorship of a corporation.
  • Application for any professional license or certification

Further Pennsylvania’s long arm statute can exercise jurisdiction over defendants to the fullest extent permitted by the United States Constitution’s due process clause. Inquiry into whether your company subjected itself to jurisdiction in Pennsylvania is often an extremely fact-intensive determination. We undertake this investigation and then advise you as to how a Pennsylvania court is likely to decide. If it appears that jurisdiction is improper, we can work to have the matter dismissed or transferred to a more appropriate court.

Attorneys Handle a Broad-Array of Business Litigation from Bucks County

Establishing a relationship with local attorneys can help prepare your business for the uncertainty and danger of a legal dispute. But, if you are already been sued, you need help today. Failure to take action can result in a default judgment being entered against you or company. Our attorneys can handle many commercial litigation disputes including:

  • Contract disputes between companies – Business work to identify and solve potential contractual issues before they become a problem. However sometimes changing circumstances or a misunderstanding can result in economic damages. We work to protect your company from contract claims and to protect its bargained for rights.
  • Restrictive employment covenants – Whether the contract was a limit on future employment, a do not compete, or something else, wework to ensure that former employees honor their word.
  • Employment claims – Employees and former employees may sometimes get caught-up in a moment and misinterpret the events that occurred. In these situations we can vigorously defend your company’s reputation.

Our experienced attorneys can handle these legal disputes and many more such as trademark infringement, copyright violations, or misuse of trade secrets. If you have a business litigation concern in Pennsylvania, contact Maselli Warren, P.C for respected legal advice. You can reach us by calling (800) 850-0491 or contact us online today.