Trenton, New Jersey Corporate Attorney

With more than 25 years handling the legal needs of businesses small and large, your company can depend on the attorneys of Maselli Warren, P.C. for all of your transactional needs. We provide a meticulous approach that thoroughly considers foreseeable issues and concerns before deciding on a legal course of action. This strategic planning helps avoid problems and thus avoid unnecessary and costly delays. When you work with our attorneys you receive quality legal representation with an emphasis on efficiency and providing value for your business’s legal dollar.

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Handling a Broad-Array of Business Matters in Trenton and Beyond

Traditionally New Jersey is not known as being a particularly business friendly state. With many filing requirements and one of the strictest consumer protection regimes in the nation, understanding New Jersey law is essential for a business. Our attorneys can assist you with many aspects of your legal needs including:

  • Completing and filing all paperwork – Our New Jersey corporate attorneys are familiar with all routine corporate filings as required under state and federal law. Whether you are registering a new company, renewing your corporate registration or making an amendment we can handle each step of the process for you.
  • Purchase or sale of business – A change in a business’ ownership is a major undertaking. Our attorneys work to ensure that the purchase or sale of your business is done so smoothly and efficiently.
  • Business succession planning – Closely-held businesses in particular can benefit from business succession planning. Planning can prevent internal turmoil and eliminate external threats to the ownership and control of your company.
  • Corporate review – If your corporation is already established, we can analyze its structure to help determine if it is appropriate. If your company has grown or undergone significant changes it can be beneficial to review its structure.
  • Protect your personal assets – While many new companies are sole proprietorships, this type of corporate structure is likely exposing your personal assets. Depending on your company a LLC, partnership or corporation could better protect your personal assets while providing additional benefits.
  • Contract Drafting and Negotiation – When ordering a component, selling a product or engaging additional employees, contracts are essential. Our attorneys can draft contracts that fit the needs of your business. We work with you to identify problems before they happen thereby saving you legal costs.

The above list is merely a sample of the types of things Maselli Warren, P.C. can do for your business. If you have everyday transactional needs, contact Maselli Warren P.C. today.

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Business Litigation Representation When a Dispute Arises

Although parties attempt to clear up any lack of clarity or other issues prior to agreeing to a contract, sometimes disputes occur. Many times, it is possible to resolve those disputes prior to resorting to litigation. However in some circumstances compromise is difficult or impossible and litigating the matter may be your company’s only choice. We can provide committed representation for:

  • Contract disputes between businesses – If an agreement between businesses breaks down it can be for a single or multiple reasons. Our attorneys can represent your interests in disputes regarding price, quality, delivery issues, and more.
  • Discrimination claims — Sometimes when an employee is unhappy or otherwise dissatisfied they may perceive words or actions in a way other than they were intended. If a current or former employee claims discrimination due to gender, race, age or other protected grounds we provide determined defense of your company’s reputation.
  • Non-compete agreements – There are many types of restrictive covenants or, non-compete agreements. Some may limit an employee’s future employment while others may prohibit “poaching” a previous employer’s clients.  We can protect your business interests against the wrongful acts of a former employee.

Regardless of your transactional needs or the subject of your business dispute, Maselli Warren, P.C. can protect your business interests. To discuss your legal needs with a member of our experienced legal team, call (800) 891-2657 today or contact us online.